Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Zac Efron
Name: Zac Efron
Jobs: Actor and Singer
Famous For: Neighbors, The Lucky One and High School Musical
Zac Efron
Name Zac Efron
Jobs Actor and Singer
Famous For Neighbors, The Lucky One and High School Musical

“I’ll never try to put on a fake image. I’m just Zac.” Describing himself as a class clown in school, California native Zac Efron took his father’s advice and started acting in school productions when he was 11 years old. Instantly falling in love with the stage, his natural talent was praised in shows like Peter Pan and The Music Man, which led his drama teacher to introduce him to an agent in Los Angeles. Shortly after, he signed with an agency and landed guest roles on shows like Firefly, The Guardian and ER before snagging a recurring role on the WB series Summerland.

Well on his way to stardom, Efron saw his dreams come true in 2006 when he emerged as the star of the Disney Channel’s High School Musical. Winning over young audiences with his charm and boyish good looks, he became the next teen heartthrob and secured his spot in the next two sequels in addition to a leading role in the 2007 film Hairspray. Building on his fame ever since, he’s still a huge name in Hollywood a decade later who is known for starring roles in blockbusters like New Year’s Eve, The Lucky One, Neighbors and Dirty Grandpa.

Just as handsome as ever at 29 years old, Efron is a veteran of Hollywood gossip but that didn’t stop the rumors from buzzing in 2016 when he looked drastically different with fuller lips and glossier skin in just a month’s time. Fans immediately speculated that Efron had turned to plastic surgery to polish his look and even opted for lip fillers to plump his lips. Others argued that his entire facial structure was different thanks to more invasive procedures such as chin implants or jaw reconstruction. So, who was right and were the rumors true?

In the months since the photo emerged, the lip rumors have died down a bit leaving many to wonder if it was simply bad lighting in the photo or if Efron gave up on the fillers after so much criticism. Either way, the media is keeping a close watch on his appearance and picking apart any visual discrepancy they can find. For example, Efron’s lips are only one of many plastic surgery rumors with the 17 Again star finally coming clean about going under the knife for his smile.

Before he found fame with High School Musical, Efron had a noticeable gap between his two front teeth. While the issue could normally be corrected with braces, Efron was already in the spotlight and couldn’t afford to correct his smile with such a noticeable solution. Months before filming, he opted for dental reconstruction to straighten and whiten his teeth, which has certainly helped his career as his young fans often rave about his stunning smile.

As for the other rumored surgeries, some argue that Efron had a rhinoplasty in his early career since his nose is now noticeably narrower across the bridge and at the tip. It doesn’t seem to be a huge change and, since he likely had the procedure done as a teen, he could easily chalk up the subtle changes to maturity. Many surgeons even point out that a rhinoplasty is much easier for someone in their teens and early 20s because the cartilage can repair itself much quicker.

Beyond the dental repair and rumored rhinoplasty, Efron’s jawline is also at the center of widespread debate as it’s gotten more defined over the last decade. Much pointier now than it was in his teens, some claim that Efron has finally matured into his body and lost the excess “baby fat” he once had in his face. Others suggest that he’s had subtle chin implants to give himself a more masculine look, which is known to leave his fans flittering in awe.

In fact, one fan even came up with an interesting theory about Efron’s jaw after the actor shared a story about seeing a homeless man carrying a weapon. Efron, in his own words, jumped out of the car to disarm the man and was hit in the face during the scuffle. Since no arrest was made, some believe that Efron embellished the story and added the hit to the jaw as an excuse to have his jaw enhanced. While it’s an intriguing theory, Efron, as you can imagine, has yet to confirm or deny the story.

Although Efron’s changing appearance could easily be attributed to aging in front of the camera, the wild rumors have certainly helped his career by keeping him in the spotlight even longer. With an exceptionally loyal fan base who likely wouldn’t care if he colored his hair pink and opted for an entire face transplant, nothing has dimmed Efron’s star power or sex appeal. In fact, he’s busier than ever with two films—The Masterpiece and Baywatch—in the works. That’s right, the beloved High School Musical star will soon add “Baywatch hunk” to his long list of accolades much to the delight of his fans!