Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Wayne Newton
Name: Wayne Newton
Jobs: Singer, Actor and Las Vegas Entertainer
Famous For: "Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast," "Years" and "Danke Schoen"
Wayne Newton
Name Wayne Newton
Jobs Singer, Actor and Las Vegas Entertainer
Famous For "Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast," "Years" and "Danke Schoen"

“Danke schoen, darling, danke schoen.” Taking the stage with his older brother as the Rascals in Rhythm in the 1950s, Wayne Newton might have been only a child but he knew his future was on the stage. Spending most of his free time outside of school entertaining audiences in local clubs across Phoenix, Arizona, Newton and his brother received the call of a lifetime after a booking agent from Las Vegas spotted the duo on a local television program. The Newton brothers traveled to Sin City for an audition where, as you can imagine, they landed a two-week contract that was ultimately extended five years with six shows a day.

Amid daily shows, national television appearances and opening for some of the biggest performers in Hollywood, Newton was offered his own show at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. On the heels of his early success, he released his first hit single, “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast,” in 1972 that made him a household name thanks to extended airplay on the radio as it climbed to number four on the Billboard chart. Before long, Newton was a mainstay on the radio with hits like “Years,” “Danke Schoen” and “Red Roses for a Blue Lady” that left fans flocking to Sin City just to see him perform live.

Now praised as one of the biggest and best-known entertainers in Las Vegas thanks to over five decades on the stage, Mr. Las Vegas himself has seen incredible success with residencies up and down The Strip taking him from the Flamingo and the Hilton to the Tropicana and, most recently, to Bally’s Las Vegas Casino and Hotel. To put his success into perspective, he already had over 25,000 shows under his belt in Las Vegas by 1994 with that number climbing to well over 30,000 today.

Showing no signs of slowing down after recently returning with his “Up Close & Personal” lounge show after a five-year hiatus to spend time with his family and rest his voice, many wonder where the 74-year-old entertainer found the hidden fountain of youth especially with his high energy levels and youthful glow. Although his look hasn’t changed much throughout the years, which has ignited plenty of criticism that he’s stuck in the 1960s, Newton appears to be fresh-faced with every new performance. So, what’s his secret?

While Newton has never admitted to going under the knife, his fans have been quick to notice any changes in Mr. Entertainment’s appearance. Often described as “puffy-faced,” fans hold nothing back when they ask questions like, “Has anyone had more plastic surgery than Wayne Newton?” or when they exclaim, “What an absolute disaster of a plastic surgery mess Wayne Newton’s face is!”

Sources close to Newton have confirmed that he’s had extensive work done over the last few decades including a facelift and a brow lift. However, Newton has an uncanny ability to sidestep the issue despite the obvious signs. After all, how else can he explain why his eyebrows are much higher on his face today than they were in the 1970s? Add in the fact that he has absolutely no wrinkles across his forehead or lining his cheeks and it’s no wonder why so many fans assume he’s spent his fair share of time in the plastic surgeon’s office whether he’s willing to admit it or not.

The rumors don’t stop at his eyebrows, however, as critics argue that he’s opted for rounds of Juvederm and Botox to preserve his wrinkle-free forehead in addition to having a minor rhinoplasty that has produced subtle changes to his nose. His eyelids are also a hot topic in the headlines with an obvious lack of crow’s feet, wrinkles and bags that are so common for people in their 70s. Sadly, the legendary performer refuses to confirm or deny the rumors causing many to believe that his plastic surgery history is something that he plans to take with him to the grave.

Despite his efforts to remain tight-lipped about his looks, the comments and rumors keep rolling in, most of which are negative and harsh. Some of the most frequent words used to describe Newton’s face are “disaster” and “botched” with tabloids and magazines arguing that Newton is an epic saga of plastic surgery “gone wrong” that has left him looking “totally unnatural.” But has his unnatural and wax-like appearance hurt his career in any way? Absolutely not!

Today, Newton is as popular as ever before despite that his last single that reached the top 40 of the mainstream Billboard charts came over 30 years ago in 1980 with “Years.” Instead, he’s built an impressive $100 million empire in Las Vegas and has recently launched a new lounge show at the Bally’s Las Vegas Casino and Hotel. With tickets selling out night after night, there’s absolutely no doubt that Newton is still a superstar in Sin City—plastic surgery or not.