Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Tara Reid
Name: Tara Reid
Jobs: Actress
Famous For: American Pie, Van Wilder, Sharknado
Tara Reid
Name Tara Reid
Jobs Actress
Famous For American Pie, Van Wilder, Sharknado

“Why is partying and having a good time bad?” After launching her career at only six years old as a commercial star for hundreds of brands like Jell-O, McDonald’s and Crayola, blonde bombshell Tara Reid was in her 20s before she finally made her way to Hollywood to pursue acting full time. Once in Tinsel Town, she made her silver screen debut in A Return to Salem’s Lot in 1987 but waited over a decade before finally catching her first major break in the 1998 hit The Big Lebowski. The following year, she sealed her fate as a star in the hugely successful teen comedy American Pie.

Following up her early success with films like Josie and the Pussycats, Van Wilder and My Boss’s Daughter, Reid quickly found her star power wasn’t as secure as she thought when her popularity began to fade in the new millennium. Part of the problem, of course, was the New Jersey native’s growing obsession with plastic surgery which, as the world quickly saw in dozens of tabloids, left the star tragically deformed and almost unrecognizable.

Making her first appointment with a plastic surgeon in 2004, Reid opted for breast enhancement surgery with the hopes of rekindling her celebrity status after breaking off her high profile engagement with Carson Daly in 2001. “I asked for big B’s,” Reid said, “[but the doctor] gave me C’s and I didn’t want them.” Reid did her best to hide her surgery from the world but good luck certainly wasn’t in her favor when a wardrobe malfunction at a celebrity party exposed her breasts to the world. With cameras snapping photos, Reid became the talk of the internet and was forced to reassess the damage for herself.

“I begged photographers not to print [the photos],” Reid said but, unfortunately, it was too late. With her chest plastered all over the internet, Reid had no other choice but to confront the plastic surgeon responsible. In a true nightmare, the surgeon told Reid she was still healing and that it would get better over time but, as she learned the hard way, it didn’t. Not only were her breasts completely botched, her career was fading into oblivion as acting and modeling offers rarely made it to her desk.

By 2005, Reid was desperate to rekindle her career and jumped at the offer to host her own reality series on the E! Network, Wild on Tara Reid (later known as Taradise). Instead of helping her career and boosting her popularity, the show only showcased Reid’s personal problems that included excessive partying that fans simply stopped tuning in to watch. As a result, the show was canceled only a month after its August premiere.

Despite acknowledging that her botched breast enhancement surgery completely derailed her career, Reid did the unthinkable and went under the knife once again in 2006 with, believe it or not, the same doctor. Hoping to prepare for a role by further toning her six-pack abs, Reid opted for a body contour to remove excess fat and skin from around her waist and stomach to give her a smoother and tighter look. Unfortunately, the liposuction was yet another botched procedure that left her with lumps around her belly button that turned into a hernia. The results were even more horrific as Reid reported, “I had a hernia, this huge bump next to my belly button. As a result, I couldn’t wear a bikini. I lost a lot of work.”

Having since found a new plastic surgeon to correct nearly $10,000 worth of botched procedures, Reid is the first to admit that the breast enhancement and body contour were the “dumbest” decisions that she has ever made in her life. Thankfully, she finally found a skilled doctor to help reverse the tragic effects and, in 2009, was confident enough to wear a bikini and show off her flat stomach at a pool party. As if that wasn’t enough to prove her return to Hollywood, she revealed her rocking new body with an appearance in Playboy magazine.

On top of regaining her “killer bod,” Reid has also managed to find her way back into the spotlight with an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 in addition to securing her spot as April Wexler in the Sharknado franchise. However, not even her latest success can make up for how much her career truly suffered over the last decade after her high profile meltdown and botched surgeries. Looking back, Reid still says her intentions for going under the knife were simple: “I had one breast bigger than the other, but I also gained and lost weight so they were getting saggy and in Hollywood you have to look great.” Needless to say, the 41-year-old is obviously looking great once again and definitely isn’t afraid to show it. “I walk out of the shower now,” Reid says, “and it’s like ‘Wow, I’m back!’” Yes, she is!