Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Suzanne Somers
Name: Suzanne Somers
Jobs: Actress, Author, Singer, Health Advocate and Businesswoman
Famous For: Three's Company, Step by Step and "Thighmaster"
Suzanne Somers
Name Suzanne Somers
Jobs Actress, Author, Singer, Health Advocate and Businesswoman
Famous For Three's Company, Step by Step and "Thighmaster"

“Come and knock on our door. We’ve been waiting for you! Where the kisses are hers and hers and his, Three’s company, too.” Enjoying minor television roles on shows like The Rockford Files and Six Million Dollar Man throughout the early part of her career in the 1960s and 1970s, Suzanne Somers caught a huge break in 1977 when she was cast as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company. Instantly winning over audiences with her ditzy blonde routine, Somers became a household name and established herself as one of the decade’s hottest sex symbols.

After controversy broke out over salary negotiations in 1980, Somers left Three’s Company and set out to create a more versatile career for herself that saw her modeling for magazines, selling products on infomercials and acting as the spokeswoman for the famed ThighMaster, an at-home exercise machine that works the inner thighs. Along the way, she became a legend in the infomercial industry before making her return to primetime television in the 1990s on Step by Step. Since then, she’s hosted her own talk show—The Suzanne Show—and returned to the spotlight on the 20th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Whether she’s on the dancefloor, the runway, the stage or on the infomercial circuit, Somers has always been known for her youthful appearance even when she was well into her 50s. While many wondered what her secret was to discovering the fountain of youth, Somers always claimed that exercise and healthy living was the ticket to her youthful glow. But, now that she’s 70 years old and just as gorgeous as ever, few are buying her story as rumors buzz that she’s had plenty of help from plastic surgeons to turn back the hands of time.

In recent years, rumors suggest that Somers has turned to plastic surgery more frequently since her appearance has drastically changed. Even though she’s in her 70s, she doesn’t have the typical wrinkles and sagging skin like most women her age, which is exactly why the tabloids are quick to point out the unnatural puffiness in her face that suggests a facelift. What’s even more controversial is Somers’ unusual views on alternative medicine as many argue that she used her own stem cells during the rumored facelift. Yikes!

Dr. Anthony Youn of Dr. 90210 said, “Suzanne Somers had a stem cell facelift. Suzanne is what we plastic surgeons call a ‘pillow face.’ Her cheeks are plumped up and her lips look like two hot dogs. Some plastic surgeons believe that stem cells injected into the face can give a long-lasting plumpness to the face. For her sake, let’s hope these plastic surgeons are wrong.”

So, what exactly does a stem cell facelift entail? Surgeons first graft fat from the abdomen before injecting the stem cells within the fat into the face. According to Dr. Marc Mani of Beverly Hills, this is what has given Somers’ face a doughy appearance. “It can really start to look unnatural and that’s definitely what it did in her case,” he said. Although Somers announced in 2008 that she had stem cells stored for future use, she denies all the plastic surgery rumors and says that her beauty is the result of a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from healthy living, Somers once admitted to using a product known as the “Face Master” to help her look younger, which is a non-surgical cosmetic machine she sells on her website. “It has literally kept my face from collapsing without surgery,” she said. However, much like her healthy living excuse, surgeons aren’t buying it. “This woman’s body has seen plastic surgery many times and right now she seems swollen from too much filler,” one Southern California surgeon reported. It looks like Somers might be trying to make a quick dollar from another product sale.

In 2012, Somers finally came clean that she used some of her own stem cells for cosmetic surgery although it had nothing to do with her face. After her battle with breast cancer, she had a tumor removed that made her chest uneven. She opted for a breast augmentation and used her own stem cells to even out her chest. “I didn’t want implants,” Somers said. “I didn’t want a foreign object in my body.” Like a stem cell facelift, surgeons removed fat from Somers’ stomach, separated the stem cells and then used them to reconstruct her breasts.

Although it sounds simple, that wasn’t the case. With little known about stem cell use in cosmetic surgery, doctors in the United States feared it could promote new cancer cell growth. That’s why Somers traveled to Japan to have the procedure. For now, that’s the only surgery that the 70-year-old Three’s Company star is willing to admit. Of course, with her stem cells still in storage, we’ll find out soon enough if she’ll put them to use to tweak or tighten another part of her former Playboy body.