Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Steven Tyler
Name: Steven Tyler
Jobs: Singer, Television Personality and Former Talent Judge
Famous For: "Dream On," "Walk This Way" and American Idol
Steven Tyler
Name Steven Tyler
Jobs Singer, Television Personality and Former Talent Judge
Famous For "Dream On," "Walk This Way" and American Idol

“You have no idea how expensive it is to look this cheap.” Born in Manhattan in 1948 as Steven Victor Tallarico only to later be known on stage as Steven Tyler, the greatest compliment Tyler ever received as a teen was that he looked exactly like Mick Jagger thanks to his big lips. Already a huge Keith Richards fan after seeing the Rolling Stones in concert when he was 17 years old, Tyler was inspired by the band’s talent and high-energy performances so much that he knew he too would one day take the stage.

Having already written the future hit “Dream On” in the late 1960s, Tyler teamed up with guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton in 1970 as he took center stage as the lead singer and front man of their new band known as Aerosmith. Met with huge success in the 1970s and praised as “the closest thing to the Rolling Stones,” Aerosmith became one of the greatest rock bands of all time with Tyler earning a reputation as the energetic wild child and the famed Demon of Screamin’.

Although the band’s popularity and success waned in the early 1980s, they made a huge return at the end of the decade with hits like “Dude Looks Like a Lady,” “Love in an Elevator” and “Janie’s Got a Gun.” Amid the band’s rekindled success, Tyler took his fame one step further and branded himself as a rock icon with the launch of a successful solo career marked by a variety of collaborations with everyone from Alice Cooper and Motley Crue to Pink, Santana and Keith Anderson.

Still with the band today after over 46 years and a brief stint as a talent judge on American Idol, the 68-year-old Tyler has lived a hard and fast life in the spotlight frequently battling drug abuse and addiction. After all, that’s how he and Perry earned their nickname as the Toxic Twins. Because of his history with drugs and his flair for the dramatic, Tyler has often been the center of rumors especially those regarding plastic surgery and his appearance. But, that doesn’t mean the rocker was happy to admit it.

During an interview with the Today show in 2011, Tyler addressed his latest hospital visit after he fell in the shower. Attempting to dispel rumors that the fall was caused by a relapse with drugs, Tyler said, “Quite frankly, I passed out. I was in the shower, I got nauseous. I started to get sick, I fell on my face.” With the fall busting his face, knocking out a few teeth and cutting both his eye and lip, Tyler was taken to the hospital where he had a surgeon correct the issues to ensure as little scarring as possible. “It was like one-stop shopping,” he said. “They stitched up my eye, they did a little plastic surgery and they fixed my tooth: all in one fell swoop.”

With many celebrities using similar stories of falls and incidents to justify their desperate need for plastic surgery, critics didn’t entirely believe Tyler until the fall was proven as true. Regardless, it didn’t quiet all the rumors as some surgeons argued that the 68-year-old Demon of Screamin had undergone plastic surgery long before his incident in 2011. Although Tyler never admitted to this, he did come clean about getting Botox injections around his eyes and cheeks to smooth out the wrinkles in his face. Then again, who hasn’t used Botox in Hollywood?

Beyond the injections, tabloids suggest that Tyler has also had a facelift although it doesn’t appear that he’s had anything that extensive done. Other rumors include possible work done on his nose, which appears to be thinner than his earlier days of fame. He’s even been asked about a possible rhinoplasty, but he reaffirmed that he’s only gone under the knife after his fall in the shower. Besides that, he swears that he’s only had the occasional Botox injection and that’s it, which leaves us to wonder if the surgeons did more than just a simple brow lift after his fall.

Despite the rumors and criticism over his appearance or even his lifetime of drug addiction and wild lifestyle, nothing has dampened Tyler’s popularity and success as he remains one of the biggest rock icons in the world. Apart from his brief stint on American Idol in 2011 and guest appearances on shows like Nashville, Top Gear and Hell’s Kitchen, the 68-year-old refuses to slow down, but why should he? Having released his debut country album—We’re All Somebody from Somewhere—in 2016, he’s promised an even busier year in 2017 with Aerosmith’s final tour. So, how long will it last? At the rate Tyler is going, it’s likely the tour will go on forever since it’s fueled by his endless energy, on-stage acrobatics and flair for the dramatic as rock’s beloved Demon of Screamin.