Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Steve Martin
Name: Steve Martin
Jobs: Actor, Comedian, Musician, Writer and Producer
Famous For: The Jerk, Roxanne and Father of the Bride
Steve Martin
Name Steve Martin
Jobs Actor, Comedian, Musician, Writer and Producer
Famous For The Jerk, Roxanne and Father of the Bride

“I’ve got to keep breathing. It’ll be my worst business mistake if I don’t.” Born in Texas but raised in California where his first job was selling guidebooks at Disneyland, Steve Martin didn’t waste any time at the park and learned as much as he possibly could about entertaining people of all ages with magic tricks, balloon animals and juggling. Recognizing his talent, Martin enrolled at Santa Ana College to study drama while spending the rest of his time with the Knott’s Berry Farm comedy troupe to perfect his talents on stage.

After briefly studying philosophy before transferring to the University of California-Los Angeles to study theater, Martin made his first television appearance on The Dating Game before he landed a job as a writer for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Eventually finding his way back in front of the camera, the young Martin made frequent appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson only to make a huge breakthrough in his career on Saturday Night Live. Since then, he’s made over two dozen SNL appearances and guest-hosted an impressive 15 times while sealing his fate as one of comedy’s biggest and most talented legends.

Over the last four decades, Martin has enjoyed outstanding success as a comedian, writer, producer and musician. On the silver screen, he’s known for award-winning performances in The Jerk, Father of the Bride, The Pink Panther and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. As a musician, he’s a talented banjo player who has dedicated more time to his musician since the new millennium with his debut album—the Grammy Award-winning The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo—released in 2009. Since then, he’s released five albums that have climbed to the top of the charts with four making the Billboard 200.

Now 71 years old and still kickin’ and pickin’ (the banjo, that is), Martin has aged exceptionally well and looks almost a decade younger than most men his age, which has left many to wonder what’s keeping him young. Is it the music or simply good genes? Guess again! Martin is another celebrity who people never imagined going under the knife, but there’s plenty to suggest that’s he done just that—at least once—in recent years. In fact, TMZ took a poll that showed nearly one quarter of fans thought that Martin had turned to plastic surgery for help to freshen his look.

While many fans argue that Martin has looked older than his true age since the 1980s when his hair first started turning white, it’s obvious that his age finally matches his looks now that he’s in his 70s. Of course, the Cheaper by the Dozen star has not yet admitted to going under the knife himself but he isn’t afraid of using the rumors in his comedy routines. During The Late Show finale with David Letterman, Martin roasted the late night host saying, “Your extensive plastic surgery was a necessity and a mistake.”

Although he’s quick to make fun of plastic surgery, that hasn’t stopped the rumors from going into overdrive with critics arguing that he’s opted for Botox injections to smooth the lines across his forehead. Others suggest that he’s had some work done to his chin to eliminate sagging jowls but, if true, it was done exceptionally well with only subtle changes. Overall, most surgeons agree that he hasn’t done anything too drastic like a complete facelift, however, Botox injections seem highly likely.

To appreciate the subtle changes of Martin’s appearance, you must take a closer look at his before and after photos. While it’s hard to argue that he is aging gracefully for the most part, many photos reveal that his cheeks are puffier than they should be and his smooth skin makes the likelihood of Botox exceptionally high. Some have even taken the rumors to the extreme and suggested that Martin has had a minor rhinoplasty and a moderate facelift, neither of which has much merit.

Martin didn’t help to denounce the rumors when he sat down for an interview in 2009. “I think there’s a cliché of how people look when they have [plastic surgery] done,” he said. “I don’t have anything against it theoretically if you don’t end up looking weird, like a non-person.”

With his response skirting his own admission to going under the knife, we can fast forward seven years to today where it seems there’s no pressure for Martin to look young now that he’s in his 70s. Seemingly on his way out of Hollywood, he’s only had one silver screen appearance in the last five years in the 2016 film Bill Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and he hasn’t been seen in a character role on television since 2008 when he appeared on 30 Rock. Then again, after five decades in Tinsel Town and a $110 million net worth, he can certainly afford to retire and pick up the banjo full time.