Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Courteney Cox
Name: Courteney Cox
Jobs: Actress, Producer and Director
Famous For: Friends, Cougar Town and Scream
Courteney Cox
Name Courteney Cox
Jobs Actress, Producer and Director
Famous For Friends, Cougar Town and Scream

“I’ll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour). I’ll be there for you (like I’ve been there before).” In 1984, everything changed for a young, Alabama girl when Bruce Springsteen spotted her and pulled her on stage during his “Dancing in the Dark” music video at the St. Paul Civic Center. That girl was none other than 20-year-old Courteney Cox who had dropped out of her architecture classes at Mount Vernon College in Washington, D.C. with the hopes of making it big as a model and actress.

After her brief stint on stage with Springsteen, Cox rounded out the decade with a handful of television appearances on shows like the Misfits of Science and Family Ties but didn’t find mainstream success until a decade later in 1994. During her breakout year, she landed her first starring role on the silver screen in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and was invited to audition for the part of Rachel Green on NBC’s newest sitcom, Friends. Ultimately cast as the highly competitive clean-freak Monica Gellar, Cox had no idea that she was on the ride of her life in what would become the most famous role of her entire career.

With Friends rising to the top of the charts over the next decade as one of the most popular television shows of all time, Cox put her hard-earned fame to good use as she made her way back to the silver screen with starring roles in films like the Scream trilogy, 3000 Miles to Graceland and The Runner. Wrapping up Friends in 2004 as the highest paid television actress of all time earning $1 million per episode, Cox found herself back on television in the short-lived series Dirt before landing a more successful role on Cougar Town from 2009 to 2015.

By the time Friends ended, fans noticed a few changes in Cox as she returned to the silver screen for November and The Longest Yard with subtle differences to her appearance. Many assumed that the beloved friend had opted for plastic surgery after years in the spotlight but Cox wasn’t willing to share the details. Instead, she waited over a decade only to dish the dirt of her wild ride under the knife during an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls in the summer of 2016.

The 52-year-old Cox confessed that she had cosmetic surgery to look younger and keep up with the younger actresses in Hollywood. “I think there’s a pressure to maintain [a youthful appearance], not just because of fame, but just, you know, being a woman in this business,” Cox said. “Getting old has not been…the easiest thing.” Her confession on national television shocked the world after years of sidestepping the million-dollar question saying only months before, “I won’t go under the knife. I don’t feel pressure to keep looking like a 20-year-old.” Obviously, she did.

“Sometimes you find yourself trying, and then you look at a picture of yourself and go, ‘Oh, God,” she confessed. “Like, you look horrible… I have done things that I regret and luckily they’re things that dissolve and go away.” Admitting that there was no going back now that she had a few procedures under her belt, Cox said she found it easier to adopt a new mantra: “Just let it be.”

So, what type of surgery did Cox have done? Although she confessed that she had gone under the knife, Cox wasn’t completely forthcoming on Running Wild and left much to speculation. She did, however, admit to having a few rounds of Botox injections but didn’t get any more specific, which left the rumor mill to work overtime that the Cougar Town star had opted for everything from a brow lift to a neck lift and more. That’s a far cry from her earlier confession that spa treatments and avoiding the sun were the reasons for her youthful glow.

When fans finally heard Cox’s plastic surgery confession, there were mixed reviews with some saying that “her eyes look sunken and dark” and that “she should age naturally.” On the other end of the spectrum, Cox’s most dedicated fans said, “I think she’s gorgeous [no matter what].” As for Cox herself, she doesn’t pay much attention to the comments and instead focuses on her career. “I don’t feel burdened by it, but people can be mean on social media,” she said.

Apart from her reality show appearance on Running Wild in 2016 marking her return to television after Cougar Town wrapped in 2015, Cox has mostly stayed under the radar especially since divorcing her husband of 14 years, actor David Arquette, in 2013. Today, the 52-year-old still owns part of their production company, Coquette Productions, but has happily moved on with Snow Patrol band member Johnny McDaid. Other than that, the former Friends star is happy biding her time until making her next big move in Hollywood.