Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Axl Rose
Name: Axl Rose
Jobs: Singer
Famous For: Guns N' Roses Lead Singer, "Welcome to the Jungle"
Axl Rose
Name Axl Rose
Jobs Singer
Famous For Guns N' Roses Lead Singer, "Welcome to the Jungle"

Leaving America’s heartland of Indiana for Southern California in the early 1980’s, Axl Rose wanted to make it big in music. Rose would join a pair of bands called Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns before a sort of merger between the two in 1985, called Guns N’ Roses. Two years later, the band would release their first album called “Appetite for Destruction”.

The album would be one of the biggest smash hits of all time, placing 11th in American sales behind legendary musicians like Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and more. Up until 1994, the band was raking it in with albums like “Use Your Illusion” (I and II) before Rose stepped away from the spotlight on his own. At that point, though, he had already been behind megahits like “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “November Rain” and “Paradise City”.

Back at the height of his fame in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Rose had a very youthful appearance, even though he was around 30 years old at the height of his fame and had lived a fast life. Since then, though, things have changed quite a bit. Rose looks like a completely different person at this point, and it seems that everyone has had a comment about his changing appearance.

It started when a photo appeared of Rose on stage back in 2010, where he appeared to have had a lot of plastic surgery and also had put on significant weight. Memes started to make the rounds on the internet in what was dubbed the “Fat Axl” craze. In 2016, Rose issued a takedown of the unflattering photos, showing that he wasn’t a fan of the meme. Rose has lost quite a bit of weight since then, but the alterations to his face are still apparent.

Due to his problems with addiction and being on the road all of the time, the years had not been too kind to Rose. You could tell that it drained his youthful appearance, and it’s likely the reason why he is rumored to have turned to plastic surgery. Rose does not talk to the media much as it is, so we all knew that he wouldn’t be addressing any rumors about plastic surgery. In fact, the only interview that Rose has had was a very brief one in 2016 while he was riding a scooter with a broken foot.

Rose was covered with a hat and sunglasses, but it appeared that his jawline was much fuller than what we were used to seeing in years’ past, and his nose also looked more pronounced. People commented that his face had look frozen, and he was only willing to talk about his broken foot, his favorite song, a recent concert and offered condolences to the late Prince. So what type of surgeries has Rose undergone?

It’s likely that we’ll never know for sure, since getting a straight answer from Rose about his personal life is next to impossible. Rumors say that he has had cheek implants, a blepharoplasty, Botox injections, a facelift and a rhinoplasty. That’s quite a lot for just one person, and it’s hard to confirm which ones are the most likely. It is easy to tell, though, that at least some work has been done for the rock star.

Despite many judging comments such as “Axl has aged horribly…too much drugs, booze and plastic surgery,” people are still paying hand over fist to see the original Guns ‘N’ Roses lineup. It seems that the criticism is common until the lineup that features Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan gets on stage, then you forget what any of them look like for a moment. Their “Not in This Lifetime…Tour” has been receiving good reviews and selling out arenas around the world. It’s a long trip, too, as the group started in April 2016 and won’t finish until September 2017.