Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Steve Carell
Name: Steve Carell
Jobs: Actor, comedian, producer, writer and director
Famous For: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Office
Steve Carell
Name Steve Carell
Jobs Actor, comedian, producer, writer and director
Famous For The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Office

While some people feel destined for stardom in Hollywood, there are certainly plenty of late bloomers, which includes Steve Carell. Mainly relegated to the background of films and television shows, Carell would eventually get to use his improv experience in the 1999 when he became a member of “The Daily Show”.

Carell was a correspondent for the satirical news program, and landed his first big film role in 2004 with “Anchorman”. Within one year, Carell landed the leading role on the sitcom “The Office” that would be a huge hit for NBC, and “The 40 Year Old Virgin” that became one of the most successful R-rated films of all-time. Since 2005, Carell has been named “America’s funniest man,” has received several award nominations and has made millions of dollars along the way, even if his first big role didn’t come until he was already in his late 30s.

There’s something about the glasses that Carell wears that make him look much more dignified and sophisticated. That wasn’t the case when he was playing roles in films such as “Anchorman” or “Dinner for Schmucks” where he wore glasses, so it just goes to show you that it’s all about the right look that can completely change someone’s perception of you.

Some have even noted that he looks more like Christoph Waltz than he does “The Office” character Michael Scott. The right glasses can really make the difference, and it works great for Carell. So what types frames has Carell been wearing in recent years? He does tend to change up his style a little bit depending on the outfit.

Carell has been seen sporting a rounder shape frame in recent months, getting his frames from Owlet, and the particular OWI188 frame that we saw him wear at the Golden Globes are rather affordable at under $60 per frame. Carell opts for the black colors more frequently than not, though these particular frames also come in brown or light blue.

Carell is one of the many celebrities that have also sported Oliver Peoples frames, which are a bit on the higher end compared to the Owlet frames. At the 2015 Academy Awards, Carell was wearing the Oliver Peoples Sheldrake line. According to the company, this frame was inspired by Andy Warhol, and goes for about $350.

We’ve also seen him in glasses that are around the same price from Barton Perreira. These frames, known as the Blake, are more of a rectangular shape, and happen to work just as well for Carell as the rounder glasses. These are certainly on the higher end as well, which is why so many celebrities have been spotted wearing these types of eyeglasses and sunglasses, especially in recent years.

Many people have taken to the internet in hopes of finding the same glasses that Carell wears, and thankfully you can now get the exact brands. If you’re looking for something that’s a little cheaper but has the same style, Persol eyeglasses can be a good way to go. This Italian brand can even be found at local Walmart stores for around $100. If you want to shop online, it’s going to cost around $130 to $150.

The frames from Persol that most fit the style of Carell would be the PO3092V frames, a tortoiseshell shape that costs less than half of similar Oliver Peoples frames. In case you don’t think these are as durable and long-lasting as those frames, you’d be surprised by how much a certain brand name can increase a price. This particular Persol frame has received rave reviews from wearers, and are great for both males and females.

Moscot eyeglasses, such as the Lemtosh frames, also serve as a suitable replacement for an Oliver Peoples frame, and are a little bit cheaper at $260. Other celebrities such as Conan O’Brien and Alex Rodriguez have been spotted wearing this frame, though they opt for the sunglasses style instead of the prescription lenses.

For those that are interested in wearing the exact same pair of glasses that Carell has donned himself, there’s actually a pair for sale online. The glasses are a prop from “Dinner for Schmucks” that Carell’s character wore, those these ones will run you $1,000. That’s a hefty price to pay for such a forgettable movie prop, especially when you consider that Carell has worn a lot of frames that were much more memorable.

Carell has aged very gracefully thanks to his choice of eyeglasses. The 55 year old wasn’t exactly a style icon or considered to be among the most handsome men in Hollywood, but the combination of the salt and pepper beard and the improved style choices have put him in the discussions, at least. A lot of us wish that we could age as nearly as gracefully as Carell has, and he’s shown that sometimes all it takes is a little bit of change to the way you dress, including what you’re wearing to help you see.