Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Ryan Gosling
Name: Ryan Gosling
Jobs: Actor and musician
Famous For: The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love, La La Land
Ryan Gosling
Name Ryan Gosling
Jobs Actor and musician
Famous For The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid, Love, La La Land

One of those shows that all of us wish we could’ve been part of when we were kids was “The Mickey Mouse Club”. Ryan Gosling got to live that dream in the early 1990s, and he hasn’t looked back since. Gosling would continue appearing on television throughout the rest of the decade, and then started to get into films in the 2000s. Though his first few movie roles weren’t too memorable, he was building quite the resume.

The Canadian actor had his first breakout hit in 2004 when he starred in the romantic drama film “The Notebook”. Just like that, Gosling was landing big time roles, and within three years he was nominated for a pair of Academy Awards. Since then, Gosling has starred in smash hit films such as “Drive”, “The Big Short” and “La La Land” just to name a few. Not only has Gosling been able to enjoy all of that success, but he’s also a style icon on top of it all. Some guys just have all the luck, right?

There are already plenty of women that swoon over Gosling, but even more so when he’s wearing glasses. Even when you’re trying to browse the web for the type of glasses that Gosling wears, you’ll even find some pillows, magnets and buttons that have a photo of Gosling wearing glasses. The obsession is quite real, folks.

As for the specific frames that Gosling wears, you’ll find him wearing glasses from brands such as Warby Parker, Persol and Ellen Tracy. Starting with Warby Parker, Gosling has been seen wearing the Preston frames, which present more of a rectangular shape and cost around $90 with a fair share of color choices.

For his Persol frames, Gosling tends to go with the PO3007V series that costs just over $100, and the Ellen Tracy frames are from the Faro line that cost around $100. Those are all fairly reasonable prices for the same types of glasses that are being worn by one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll become a meme that has your photo emblazoned on pillows when you wear them, unfortunately.

One company that was excited to see Ryan Gosling wearing glasses was Lindberg, an eyewear company that saw him wearing their glasses in front of millions on “Saturday Night Live”. It turned out that this was their air titanium frames, and sales of course got a big boost. These flexible frames don’t come cheap for buyers, though. Cheaper frames usually start around $250, with some of the more expensive frames coming in at close to $500.

Other frames that Gosling has been seen wearing include the Huey tortoiseshell shaped glasses that cost around $100 for a casual and more “hipster” look. For something a little more elegant, Gosling will sometimes opt for the Kyoto glasses that go rather well with a suit. These are quite a bit cheaper, at around $50 per frame.

Gosling has also been among the many members of Hollywood that have worn the Gilbert frames by Barton Perreira. A favorite among those that have been invited to the Academy Awards, these are the glasses you want when there are a lot of eyes on you. Of course, that type of elegance and class comes with a price, and you can expect to be set back around $350 for a pair of these high end specs.

It’s not just eyeglasses that Gosling has been seen wearing in public, as he’s also a big fan of the sunglasses. We’ve seen Gosling wearing a lot of different sunglasses both on and off the movie set, as it seems that his film characters tend to wear sunglasses quite frequently. Some of the brands that we’ve seen Gosling wear include Randolph, Tommy Hilfiger and the ever-popular amongst celebrities Ray-Ban.

One of Gosling’s most memorable roles came in the romantic comedy “Crazy, Stupid Love” where he was looking in peak condition. This includes his unforgettable style in the film, and that’s where he wore his memorable Tommy Hilfiger shades. This frame is the TH 1985, and were quite popular both before and after Gosling wore them in the movie. If you want to get a pair of these for yourself, it might not cost as much as you think with a price tag of around $70.

Going back to Ray-Ban, it seems that every celebrity owns a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses, which has helped the brand achieve the ultimate cool factor. There are a lot of imitators, but if you want to get the real deal from the Ray-Ban company itself, you can expect to spend around $170. That might seem like a lot for sunglasses, but when so many celebs are wearing these on a daily basis, you had to have expected the price to be a little higher.

Gosling is just one of those celebrities that can make any pair of glasses, whether they’re prescription or not, just look really cool. A lot of us have tried to emulate the style that Gosling has shown with his glasses, but then we get the gentle reminder that not all of us are Ryan Gosling. Still, the right pair of glasses can make anyone look infinitely better, and there’s always a frame for you no matter how much (or little) you’re willing to spend.