Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Rashida Jones
Name: Rashida Jones
Jobs: Actress, producer, singer and writer
Famous For: Parks and Recreation, I Love You, Man
Rashida Jones
Name Rashida Jones
Jobs Actress, producer, singer and writer
Famous For Parks and Recreation, I Love You, Man

Though most people didn’t know it until well until her career started, Rashida Jones actually had some pretty famous parents growing up. Her mother is actress Peggy Lipton, and her father is the legendary record producer Quincy Jones. When she reached her 20s, Jones started making a name for herself in acting, appearing in films such as “The Last Don” and was on the cast of the short-lived series “Freaks and Geeks”.

Jones would then appear on “Boston Public”, and really hit her stride in 2006 when she joined the cast of “The Office”. Since then, Jones’s career has taken off thanks to roles in shows such as “Parks and Recreation” and films like “I Love You, Man” and ‘The Social Network”. Still getting plenty of roles each year, Jones can be seen playing the titular character on the TBS series “Angie Tribeca”.

Jones has become synonymous with being one of the more notable glasses wearers in Hollywood, and she’s worn a lot of different frames over the years. She’s also one of those rarer celebs that doesn’t wear glasses for fashion, instead only opting for prescription specs. Jones has even said she can be a little judgemental about people that wear glasses that don’t have prescription lenses.

While attending an event where fellow celeb Charlotte Ronson was releasing a line of glasses, Jones said that “I didn’t even realize she had (designed glasses). I was mad when I got here and saw them for the first time and she hadn’t even told me. They are, of course, amazing. And I am her number one customer for these because I can’t see anything.”

She admitted that glasses had become more fashionable, but that it wasn’t her thing. “Glasses are not dorky – they’re cool now…I’m not down with fashion glasses. It’s like wearing fashion crutches.”

With that said, Rashida Jones actually went on to make her own line of glasses. The actress partnered with illesteva in 2017, and created a pair of frames that she put her own sense of fashion into. The frames are simply known as Rashida, and come in both eyeglass and sunglass form. These frames feature a gold temple and a few different colors. Proceeds from the glasses went toward the American Civil Liberties Union.

She would add more frames to her design catalogue, and Jones was able to showcase her glasses on television, taking them to “Conan”, letting host Conan O’Brien and co-host Andy Richter try on some of her frames. Jones mentioned that it was difficult to find the right frames for your facial shape, saying that “I have a peahead, like a tiny, tiny head. I have like a handball head. It’s so small…I design glasses that look good on me and hopefully on other types of heads, as well,” she joked.

Even before designing her own glasses, Jones was known for wearing eyeglasses that would be popular with fans. This included the tortoiseshell look that she picked up from Lookmatic, wearing the Woody frames. If you don’t want to spend more than $200 for a pair of frames, but still want to capture Jones’s look, this would be the way to go as the glasses cost around $60.

Jones is also a big fan of sunglasses, and was recently spotted on social media wearing a pair of shades from Levi’s. The frame in particular that she was wearing were the LO22380s with a clear frame and blue tinted lenses. These sunglasses are a bit more affordable at around $80, and that includes the prescription lenses.

For something a little more posh in the sunglasses department, Jones has also been seen in the William Morris London line of shades. The WL6600 frame in particular is one that she’s been wearing lately, and these gold frames are a bit pricier. The listing price is around $220, and the frames also come in silver.

It doesn’t stop there, as Jones knows just how important her glasses are, and has been showing off a lot of different styles on social media. Other brands that she prefers include Paul Costelloe (around $100), Vera Wang (the V449 frames that are around $160), Tom Ford (FT5467 frames around $290) and Antares (LH101 frames on the cheaper end at $30). Needless to say, Jones is incredibly busy in the glasses department, and has all of us looking to her for advice on what types of glasses we should be wearing.

It wasn’t always easy for Jones wearing glasses with her eyesight. She might be a style symbol these days, but back when she was a teenager, she admits that “I was emotional, chubby and awkward.” It was a long road for Jones, but she’s now not only being looked to for advice on what glasses are right for our faces, but she’s even selling them for a good cause. For those of us that felt awkward wearing glasses as teenagers, Jones makes us feel pretty positive for our futures.