Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Melanie C
Name: Melanie C
Jobs: Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actress and TV personality
Famous For: Spice Girls
Melanie C
Name Melanie C
Jobs Singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, actress and TV personality
Famous For Spice Girls

There was a certain group of girls that seemingly came out of nowhere to dominate the music charts back in the mid 1990s. This group was known as the Spice Girls, a British quintet that exploded onto the scene in 1996 with the hit song “Wannabe”. The five women became music icons overnight, releasing other smash hits that included “Spice Up Your Life”, “Say You’ll Be There” and “Two Become One”.

Everyone wanted to know who these five were, including the one that was dubbed as Sporty Spice. Her real name is Melanie Chisholm, but you can simply refer to her as Melanie C or even just Mel C. Mel C also enjoyed success as a solo artist when the Spice Girls went their separate ways, and she’s still a popular name in the news. Her most recent album, released in 2016, was called “Version of Me” which reached the top of the charts in Brazil and found decent success in Germany, Scotland and the United Kingdom.

Out of the Spice Girls, Mel C wasn’t exactly considered to be the trendiest one. After all, there was another member of the group nicknamed Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) that was always hailed as the stylish one. However, Mel C has carved a name for herself in terms of fashion throughout her solo years. While she still might be sporty because she’s still in tremendous shape, Mel C is also looking much more posh these days.

Mel C has even said that “In the band, there was power in numbers and we egged one another one. As Sporty Spice, I felt I was portrayed as being quite bolshy, mouthy and aggressive and that has never been me. I felt really uncomfortable with this portrayal. When you’re in your early 20s, you are trying to figure out who you are anyway.”

We hardly saw Mel C perform with glasses on, but we’ve seen her wearing them plenty of times off the stage since leaving the Spice Girls. It turns out that Mel C has needed corrective lenses for pretty much her entire life. In 2013, Mel C teamed up with the company Specsavers and talked about her history with glasses.

“I’ve had to wear glasses or contacts since my teens,” she said. “Loving your glasses has never been cooler, all you need it a bit of confidence to make a real statement wherever you are.”

With the announcement came a promotion where the company would seek out the glasses “Wearer of the Year” in an anti-bullying campaign. “There’s so much pressure out there to look good whatever your age and let’s face it, we all know someone that wears glasses,” she said. “These awards are to recognize specs as a fashion statement as well as a visual aid…My favorite celebrity glasses wearers have to be Tinie Tempah and Alan Carr, you never see them photographed on TV without them. They’re great examples of how your specs can form a part of your identity. I hope we can find loads more specs wearers that make their specs a part of their identity too.”

According to Mel C, another reason why she was so involved in the campaign is “because we all need to do something to beat the bullies and whether kids are being bullied for their appearance or even wearing glasses, it’s important that it stops.”

So now that we know a little bit of background on Mel C’s vision history and why promoting glasses is so important, what types of specs is she wearing? We’ve seen her wearing quite a few different pairs of glasses during her time, including brands such as Warby Parker, Ray-Ban and Tom Ford.

The Warby Parker glasses that she’s become rather well known for are the Everson types of frames that run for about $90 to $100 per frame. As for the Ray-Ban specs, she tends to go with the RX5268 or RB2180 V, which each cost around the $150 mark. She’s been very good at picking the right styles for her defined features, proving that she really was one of the poshier Spice Girls after all.

When she’s not wearing the traditional style of glasses, you can also catch Mel C wearing sunglasses. Her go-to style of sunglasses is the same one that a lot of celebrities have turned to over the years, and that’s the famous Ray-Ban Wayfarer frame. Perhaps the most popular sunglasses in the world, this particular frame costs about $165 if you buy them directly from Ray-Ban. The Wayfarers were first popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and have seen massive revivals in trendiness in the mid 1980s and again in the present day.

Even if Mel C’s history with glasses hasn’t always been a positive experience, at least she can say that it is now. A lot of people can’t stop raving about how she looks in glasses, with many saying that it makes her look even younger than when she was in her 20s and touring with the Spice Girls. She herself said that you can make glasses work with a little confidence, which is something that she’s discovered along the way and it’s worked to her advantage tremendously.