Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Emmy Rossum
Name: Emmy Rossum
Jobs: Actress, director and singer-songwriter
Famous For: Shameless, Mystic River, Beautiful Creatures
Emmy Rossum
Name Emmy Rossum
Jobs Actress, director and singer-songwriter
Famous For Shameless, Mystic River, Beautiful Creatures

When she was just 14 years old, Emmy Rossum started making her mark on Hollywood when she appeared in movies such as “Songcatcher” and “An American Rhapsody”. It would help Rossum get the exposure that she needed to branch out her career, allowing her to star in larger budget films such as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “The Phantom of the Opera”, and she’s even gotten into music with a pair of albums that include the 2013 release “Sentimental Journey”.

The 31 year old actress has already had a packed career, and these days she’s known for starring in the hit show “Shameless”. Multi-talented, Rossum has been all over the map, and has a huge following on social media with over 3 million followers on Instagram alone. One of the reasons that she’s so popular online is because she’s regarded as one of the most stylish celebrities, even when she doesn’t seem to be trying all that hard.

Rossum is one of those celebrities that’s consistently drawing praise for her fashion sense, especially in terms of glasses. Rossum is so universally liked for her glasses, in fact, that there are even social media pages that have dedicated themselves to posting pictures of the actress wearing glasses. It may sound a bit strange that people are that dedicated to Rossum’s eyewear, but she does make it look fantastic.

When she was spotted walking around Los Angeles with a particular pair of red rimmed glasses, a lot of people said that they had to have them. With that, many took to the internet in search for these particular frames, finding out that they were actually from the Alyssa Milano line of Touch eyewear. There were 16 total frames released in the line that were posted for sale on Coastal.

Having Rossum wear these glasses certainly couldn’t have been bad for sales, especially since she was seen by thousands of people sporting them online. Between paparazzi pictures and her own photos on social media, people really fell in love with her classic red frames. Rossum has also worn glasses from a couple of other different brands, including Warby Parker and Kate Spade.

The type of Kate Spade glasses that Rossum wears tend to be among the best sellers, which usually cost around $120 per frame. With her go-to color being red, Kate Spade eyewear is a good fit as they have a lot of different colors to choose from. The highest end frames from the company tend to stick around $150, making it an affordable frame if you want to get a Hollywood look.

As for her Warby Parker glasses, Rossum is a big fan of the Sloan line of eyeglasses that the company produces. These tortoise shell frames can usually be found for $60 if you’re looking to save a few dollars to emulate her look. She’s even given the company some free promotion on her social media pages, posting her favorite red glasses being worn by fellow actor Josh Duhamel. In 2014, Rossum also attended an opening of a Warby Parker store.

Warby Parker is actually a newcomer to the eyeglass market, being founded in 2010 by four men based out of New York City. The company mainly sticks to online sales, but has popped up a few dozen locations in the United States and Canada. They tend to run things a little differently than most eyeglass companies, as they allow customers to wear five different frames for up to five days before deciding which one to buy. The prices also tend to be lower, and with celebrity clients such as Rossum, people have been flocking to Warby Parker recently.

Some have said that Rossum’s face was made for glasses, which allows her to pull off the look just about better than anybody else. She doesn’t wear her glasses all that often in public, but has been seen using them for reading especially. Most people wouldn’t mind if she took to wearing her glasses full-time instead of reading smaller print.

We’ve seen Rossum in quite a few different frames over the years, and there hasn’t really been one that hasn’t look like a perfect fit for her yet. Lately, she’s been taking to the black frames that are in a larger square shape, and they look just as good as the red ones that she had been toting around for a while.

Not many celebrities actually talk about their glasses on social media, but seeing as how Rossum has attended Warby Parker openings and loves the brand, she’s been willing to share quite a bit. So if you want to get the exact same look that she’s wearing, you might be able to find out exactly what types of frames she’s wearing if you ask nicely. Even paparazzi members have asked her where she gets her glasses, and she’s been quick with a response.