Glam Before and After
Glam Before and After
Anne Hathaway
Name: Anne Hathaway
Jobs: Actress and singer
Famous For: Les Miserables, The Intern, The Dark Knight Rises
Anne Hathaway
Name Anne Hathaway
Jobs Actress and singer
Famous For Les Miserables, The Intern, The Dark Knight Rises

It’s hard to believe that actress Anne Hathaway is still only 35 years old, as it seems that she’s been around in the Hollywood scene forever. Hathaway got her break in acting as a teenager, and made her film debut in the starring role of “The Princess Diaries” in 2001 at just 19 years old.

Since then, Hathaway has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, not only hosting the Academy Awards at one point, but has also been nominated for two Oscars, including a win in 2013 for the Best Supporting Actress in “Les Miserables”. Some of Hathaway’s other big hits throughout the years include “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Alice in Wonderland” just to name a few. Still not even 40 years old, Hathaway has achieved more success in Hollywood than a lot of actresses could hope to do in a lifetime, all while being looked to as a stylistic inspiration.

Many of us look like a mess when head out into town wearing our glasses like we just rushed from the house, but Hathaway has a way with making eyeglasses look fantastic. There’s a certain look to her that’s hard to put into words. Even dating back to her role in “The Princess Diaries”, Hathaway still pulled off a look better than most of us could even though she had to go through a sort of “makeunder” in the film.

Hathaway has pulled off a lot of different looks wearing glasses, ranging her specs in different sizes. Even when she was wearing her large frames, Hathaway still looked great as she followed the golden rule of not hiding her eyebrows. She’s done oval frames and large square frames, making any size and shape look good.

Some celebrities wear some pretty expensive frames, but you can actually achieve the same look as Hathaway for a reasonable price. It was found that one of her more popular frames came from Mezzmer, and the Herman style of plastic frames that she wore can usually be found for under $100. That is, if you can find them from someone that’s already bought them.

Mezzmer was an online business that was started in 2011 by a pair of brothers, but the company shut down their operations in 2014. It was surprising to hear when they had celebrity clients such as Hathaway, but not all things are meant to last. That means that Hathaway’s had to switch up her eyewear in the past few years.

Hathaway is able to mix and match her glasses choices quite a bit, as she also wears contact lenses when she’s not wearing specs. On days where she leaves the contacts at home, you’re likely to now find her in a pair of Tom Ford glasses. The particular frames, the FT5380, are a bit more expensive than the Mezzmer frames were, coming in at around $230.

Hathaway’s switch to glasses in recent years has has some label her as “geek chic,” but also drew a lot of praise for her style. She’s even worn her glasses while wearing evening gowns on the red carpet, making bold choices and still pulling it off. Not many celebrities are willing to make that choice, but Hathaway has a way of making just about anything look stylish.

She would even step up her eyeglasses game in 2016 when it was announced that Hathaway would become the brand ambassador for Bolon, the largest eyewear brand in all of China. She started to appear in advertisements both in print and on television to showcase some of their frames. She was the perfect fit after she started wearing glasses more often, and the company was excited to have her.

The president of Bolon’s parent company, Eric Thoreux, said that “Anne Hathaway epitomizes youth and style for billions of consumers. She symbolizes perfectly what Bolon stands for, both in Asia and in the rest of the world: a sophisticated, romantic and artistic image. Having Anne endorsing both Bolon sunglasses and optical is validating our strategy to continuously reinforce the quality of our products and to allow people to look good while protecting their eyes from the sun.”

The advertisements helped to boost the already recognizable eyewear company, and has allowed a lot of people to get the same look as Hathaway. Bolon frames have a pretty wide range in price, but typically start out at $100 and top out at around $225. One particular frame that Hathaway has been fond of is the Woody Round frame that’s in the upper price bracket within the company.

No matter which type of glasses that she’s wearing, Hathaway has proved to be a style icon during her career. Both the round and square frames work out pretty well for her, and it’s helped to boost her career even when she’s not promoting a film that’s coming out. Some might argue that she looks better without the glasses since that’s what people associate “The Princess Diaries” with, but there’s little doubt that she knows how to make a pair of specs look good.